Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top albums of 2014

This was a tough year for tunes.  I almost didn’t think I would make a top 10 for 2014.  For me, the year had some SUPER bright highlights, but was otherwise, pretty dim.  I just haven’t been jiving with a lot of what’s been coming out.  However, I still managed to put together a Top 10 New (or, New to Me) Albums of 2014. 


10. Chromeo- White Women
disco-nouveau:: old leather car interior:: dork-wooing


9. Zola Jesus- Taiga
chicks got pipes:: super-catchy:: solid soph. album


7. Operators- EP1
holy-live-love:: dan boekner:: dark-synth dance tunes


7. Odesza- Summer’s Gone
warm-n-fuzy:: trancelike:: musically accurate album cover


6. Gauntlet Hair- Stills
Depeche Mode meets Wolf Parade by way of Animal Collective 

5. Spoon- They Want my Soul
Thanks for just makin more solidly great tunes guys:: reliable:: just, Spoon.

4. War on Drugs- Lost in the Dream
Classic America :: Petty and Dylan


3. Beirut- The Rip Tide
new to me :: catchy tunes mixed with some real special gems :: all tha harmonies!


TIE 1: Future Islands- Singles
Best new artist :: we drove 650 miles to see these guys :: total whackadoo- with the goods.


TIE 1: Of Montreal-Hissing Fauna Are You the Destroyer
New to me best album of the year::  One of the best albums *ever*:: Smart:: epic.

I think for the coming year I'm most looking forward to new offerings from Panda Bear and Modest Mouse.  We'll see who else decides to drop a new album, and who else I'll discover from the past!  
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