Monday, September 30, 2013

Daily Pic | September Edition

Well, as you'll be able to tell from the daily pics, September can be best described as high-highs and low-lows.  It was a real roller coaster. 

We had finally found THE house.  We fell really hard for it.  It was cute, extremely well maintained, had a great gut-feeling to it, perfect location, and was in our budget.  We put in an offer and had insane butterflies for 2 or 3 days.  Ultimately, they wanted a 2nd offer and ours was outbid. I'm still really sad about it, but we learned a TON in that week.  A ton. 

I had the pleasure of attending an incredible bridal shower for the sweetest and most deserving girl.  The venue, food and company were all just awesome.  :)

The hubs and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with dinner at 'our' place in Rutherford, Paisanos, and walking around after, discovered Mason's Cellar.  A totally awesome wine/beer/liq store with amazing decor, cool tchotchkes and an impressive booze collection.  The location is actually an old bank so the building is lovely, and they even put the really elite wines in the bank's original vault!
It was a really nice night, and one that we really needed after the ups and downs of the week.  We received the sweetest gifts from our parents/in-laws, and were once again, reminded how blessed we are with our amazing families.

The following week we had a ticket scare but it worked out and for the third time we saw the amazing, Local Natives @ Term.5.  As a couple, prob 'our' favorite band.  It was awesome. 

Finished out the month with yucky colds (thank you tissue-terrorizing-church-children!), awesome homemade soup, a near-death-by-dog-maul-experience, a serious decline in ice-cream/yogurt consumption, wrapping up Breaking Bad and me losing an entire evening getting sucked in to the movie, Moneyball.

Tunage: Wild Nothing (opened for Local Natives and loved 'em), old albums by Gorillaz (perfect for designing to) drawing a blank on notable others. 

p.s. The leaves are turning and its so pretty i can hardly stand it!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daily Pic | August Edition

August was one heck of a great month.  It was basically packed with summery good-ness.
We had our awesome monthly date down the shore at Long Branch's best-rest 'Sirena'… and then went back to the beach again for an awesome beach bbq day at Island Beach state park with my sis and her peeps.  SO much fun.

T & I hosted a three-way birthday party for my dad, sister-in-law and my sister's man where we played with stupid tricks-n-gags from Archie McPhee and where we served sweet and savory grilled cheese and I adapted this recipe into meatballs. Both were insanely delicious.

Speaking of my sister and her man, they got engaged!  A Mere-gagement!  Woohoo!  So much family awesomeness this month..... then, theres the lil addition who I can't really talk about here but… its honest to goodness true love.

Besides that,  SEEING MY ORIOLE... (which I had totally given up on since he went away at end of June), and a trip up to Portland Maine were the next tier of big highlights.  

We had an awesome time in Maine: saw a black guillemot, sunrise over the Atlantic, ate delicious fresh seafood, a sunset sail, and a whole lotta walkin.  :)

It was a really good month for music too:  Magical Cloudz | Pure Bathing Culture | Blackbird Blackbird | Washed Out | ... maybe more!  Oh, and this AWESOME song (don't usually love this band but, wow)  with one of the most amazing music videos of all time: 

Gridzeepoo: I actually forgot a couple days early in the month (sacreblueu!) and then I was in Maine for the end... so, a few fewer than normal....