Friday, October 31, 2014

Daily Pic | October Edition

Warning: This months post sponsored by, UBER-NERDOM. 

What this month lacked in good music it more than made up for with good birding.  Since joining I now easily track and record my findings after each outing.  This month’s Highlight Reel would include: A great Blue Heron, Sharp-skinned Hawk, Red-Bellied Woodpeckers & Downies, Titmice in droves, Dark Eyed Junco’s in droves, white-breasted nuthatches (love these guys), a blue-headed vireo(!), a Carolina Wren, Ruby-Crowned kinglets (a very challenging but very satisfying i.d.), …. cedar waxwings, and yellow-rumped warblers….. Sorry to all the lovelies that I consider common like, the cardinals, etc.  Seriously, migration is a very exciting time for bird-nerds like moi.

Believe it or not, I didn’t spend the whole month looking for flying friends.  We spent a lot of time at my sisters and the house is really getting there.  So impressed with all the work they’re doing.  It’s really showing. 

We celebrated a bunch of family birthdays, including my own, and had a fabulous time with each celebration.  I made an amazing sagria recipe perfect for the season, based on the glass I got at Buddakan last month
Combine: Chardonnay, apple cider, a little pineapple juice, vanilla extract, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla (or in my case Pinnacle Whipped) vodka.  YUM.

I really didn’t listen to anything of note.  I’m not really loving anything recently. Wah!

Uhmmm wuddelse… Well, I’m drawing a blank now! Here we go into the colder months… Eep.  Looking forward to hosting my 1st Thanksgiving this coming month ;)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Daily Pic | September Edition

I think I’m extra late posting this because I knew it was going to be a lot to cover!

September is my favorite month.  Who knows if going into your ‘favorite’ month means that its going to be good, or just that, it lived up to my expectations.  Either way- so much good stuff.

We jaunted up to Portland, ME for a 48 hour concert/lobster roll run and it was perfection.  Future Islands @ the Port City Music Hall was worth every single one of the six hundred and sixty-ish miles.  We had time for lobster rolls and blueberry pie on the coast, and, as if the trip wasn’t great enough I even saw Cedar Waxwings up at the Headlight.  I always hoped that by the time I was an old lady, I’d get so lucky; never expected I’d see them so soon.

We had a rainy bbq where our family & friends all came over and warmed our house.  It was really great to have all our fave ppl around under our roof….

T rallied from his shingles and we celebrated our 2 year anniversary by hitting up AC for a few days.  Comp nights, pool time, Buddakan, Cape May, noodles (for tom, an exceptional cheeseburger)… easy going gambling, free cocktails… good times. 

Hit up Brooklyn for wine & girl time with my bestie, oh, and tons of freelance and... I finally got my Nutley Library Card… woot woot!

Last major highlight: Stumbled on an amazing album from Of Montreal which would have made my month on its own… also, lots of Wolf Parade & Handsome Furs (Operators opened for Future Islands- they were amazing)… If there were others, I’m forgetting now!! 

Now its October.  Another solid month in my book.  I foresee my sisters house taking shape, celebrating the many family birthdays we have, watching what happens to our pseg bill once we turn on our furnace, raking leaves, and getting trick or treaters for the 1st time!