Monday, March 31, 2014

Daily Pic | March Edition

hey HAY heyyy……

March… FLEW.  I seriously cannot believe it when I look at all that happened this month and how it all seems like it JUST happened!  Woooeeey!

Well, this has been a helluva month for me and the T-man, but more to come on that next month. 

My sister hosted an amazing Fiesta for my mom’s birthday in her incredible apt.  You guys have no idea how great she is with design.  ::drool::
We had taquitos, delicious chips/dips, an INCREDIBLE tequila punch (want…. again… right now!!), mini-homemade key-lime pies (her BEST dessert in my opinion) piƱata cookies and coconut cupcakes.  It was a blast.

My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniv, and my in-laws, their 41st!  We’re so lucky :)

Besides that every moment has been filled with design and freelance.  I’ve been waking up early and going to bed late.  BUT- I’ve been completing projects I feel great about.  Can’t beat that.

OBSESSED with: Odesza; Summer’s Gone, Other Lives; Tamer Animals, Real Estate, American Football, robin’s egg enameled cleaning supplies from TJ Maxx, my new shoes from Billito, this book I treated myself to, my niece, early mornings, my bird friends coming back, baby bok choy & artificial crab and Mighty Quinns.

Now, can we PLEAAASEEE March forward with some WARMER, SUNNY weather?!?!

P.s.- As it turns out, the new office isn't SOOO bad.  Heheh.