Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Daily Pic | November Edition

Eh, well I'm half a month late here, so I'll keep it simple:

Best Music: Beirut- The Rip Tide, The War on Drugs- Lost in the Dream, Zola Jesus- Taiga

Best Tube Time: Parks & Rec, Manhattan, True Detective (!)

Best new home feature: This chandelier which I made brass 1st with Rub-n-Buff.

Best Electrician, re: above?  KB Electric.  He came and hung that thing the day before Thanksgiving, in the snow, in our near 100-year old home.  

Best goal achieved: Made it back to the gym 12 times... 

Best, best? Successfully hosting my first Thanksgiving.... Complete with Havarti w/Dill and smoked cheddar with crackers to munch on.... then: 13 lb (free!) turkey, traditional stuffing, crock pot mashed potatoes, sauteed fennel with basil and red pepper, butternut squash with sage brown butter, sauteed green beans, cranberry relish with vanilla and clementine, 2 kinds of homemade bread from my in-laws and an apple and pumpkin pie from my parents... plus clementines, grapes, and chocolate mints- as per Car-family tradition.  

Living the Good good.


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