Friday, May 31, 2013

Daily Pic | May Edition

Last day of the work-week.... last day of the month.  While I can't believe tomorrow will be June, looking back at the beginning of May feels like ages ago. 

We looked at more houses..... there was a ton of rain..... saw Foals at Terminal5 (10-star concert)... I went to the MMA with my dad and saw this... did a ton of design... listened to the new Vampire Weekend... saw The Flaming Lips at The Welmont (ah-mazing)... became utterly obsessed with a bird in my neighborhood (an atypical Baltimore Oriole)... and the local birds in general... experienced Frozen Yogurt on a whole new level (custom toppingssss)... and had good times with good friends.  I'm enjoying this heatwave.  Hoping to hit the beach soon.

Other than that, my thoughts are with you dear friend- you know who you are. < 3

May Day, May Day May Days:

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