Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daily Pic | April Edition

What a LONG month.  Reviewing the beginning of April seems like ages ago.  Whew!

Items of note….
Worklife: I became obsessed with the goose living on (yes- on) our building.  I check on him and his 5 eggs regularly.  I had my 3 year anniv here, which boiled down to me bringing in the obligatory bagels.  And then the rest of the month was basically an insane blur of deadlines.  Peace out April!

Homelife: T and I started looking at houses.  Its been fun.  We aren't in any rush so, there's no pressure.  Anyway, we've been through LOTS of open houses and have started seeing specific ones in the evenings (possible post on h-hunting to come).  This also means that we've been back out there walking!  The weather has finally graced us with non-icy temps and we've been out there a LOT.  We checked out the cherry blossoms in Branchbrook Park and inevitably, I've been visiting more italian ice and ice cream/yogurt places than i'd like to admit. 
That said: Thanks to Jboo, I finally woke up from my multi-year exercise nap and I've been hitting the gym 4-5 days a week.  My stupid foot hurt me big time so unfortunately I'm sort of stuck on the elliptical for now, but s'all good. 

Kitchenlife: Lots of new recipes!  Sweet potato salad, lettuce wraps, all sorts of "asian soups" as T calls them, an elaborate pasta slad...  I ventured into the world of celery root…. etc…. Trying to gear up for more spring/summer cuisine.

Entertainment Life: WWE Hall Of Fame.  At the Garden.  It was actually awesome.  Like the Oscars of the WWE world.  Imagine lots of tuxes, sequins, and genuinely great speeches.  We celebrated my in-laws 40th Anniv (!) with a really fun family dinner out at Paisanos.  It was beyond delicious.  And, I gots ma teeths cleaned.  She said, 'I can tell you've been flossing!!".  Yes.  Yes I have!

Listened to: TV on the Radio (wow… had NO idea how amazing their entire catalog was), new album by the Flaming Lips (not a huge fan normally but this one is amazing.  Very NIN)

Watched: Game of Thrones :speechless:, Americans :speechless:, End Of Watch.  This movie that was on at Retro and as I'm seeing it I'm thinking: 'Laura- this movie looks a-mazing.  Take off your glasses, blare your tunes and watch this with T!' … and that's exactly what we did. And it was outstanding.

Designed: A LOT.  Like, a LOTTT.  Its been a very artsy month.

So many great times with my sis this month.  An evening at Midtown w/ our men yielded a ton of fun and also an awakening to my lack of attention to 70's funk. So, some pandora to cure that problem: Fantastic Voyage Radio! (my parents don't even read this blog, and I can still feel them cringing over this, lol)

Well besides getting SLAMMED with allergies since last weekend, that's about it I guess.

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