Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daily Pic | June Edition

Hey yah'll...
June's over.  Wah!  I'm loving this summer stuff... I don't even mind hot n' muggy this year.

Highlights?  School is out, which means my morning commute is like 80% improved. 

GoogleReader is gone, which is the saddest thing ever. 

T & I saw 'The National' at Barclays.  It was a cool show.  Lots of... teal falcons.  

Went to a super fun Bachelorette where we devoured a whole fleet of rummy bears, tasted wine and stayed in a tiny dollhouse.

I ventured back to BK to check out the brooklyn flea with my girl katie (fun!) and we ate yummy bbq here

I have become sort of obsessed with making homemade ice pops thanks to a sweet friend who bought me the molds.  Matcha green tea and Mexican Hot Chocolate are the leaders so far...

Launched and revealed my website !! Finished projects, and started new ones.  Good stuff!  

Listening to Random Access Memories

We had our Company Picnic which was.... well, really really fun.  And then I had the busiest 72 hours of my life here at RodMed.  S'all good... ready for a 4 day weekend. 4th of july!  A wedding!  Woo hoooo!!

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