Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Daily Pic | October Edition

Good Morning.
What a month!  October flew :)  I cannot believe this was the same month that we came back from our honeymoon!  Seems like ages ago.
Lots of activities, excitement, and even frustration! 
We had.... A MOUSE!  That was the low-point probably.  We never did catch it, but we still have a factory's worth of traps around.

We saw Delicate Steve @ the Historic Blairstown Theater, and they were totally awesome.  The stars out there were more incredible than any I have ever seen, ever.
We had two dept birthdays at work: So.many.balloons. And 5 family birthdays as well.  Libras all around!
Hurricane Sandy was not overplayed at all and we've all spent the last week going somewhat crazy.  Living between two gas stations has meant waking up at 4:30 in the morning to the red glow of break lights through the curtains and a soundtrack of fights and angry horns.  SO glad its passing.

Besides that all, I managed a teeth cleaning, a trashy book trio, a trip to the Papermill Playhouse for 'A Chorus Line' two (!) trips to McLoone's, a fun Halloween Party in Chelsea, a pumpkin carving sesh with my man, and several trips into the boonies!    Even if it went out on a weird note, October was a good month. 
And, now the 'Tobes Grid!

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