Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daily Pic | September Edition

The month we've all been waiting for folks!  Well maybe not all of you- but certainly the two of us in our little household.  To say this month was over in the blink of an eye would be an understatement!! 

We were so incredibly blessed this month with the generosity of our friends and families.  I was thrown the most amazing wedding shower at McLoones Boathouse.  [Technically in August] My sister and bridesmaids truly blew me away with how lovely it all came together!

No less awesome was my Bach party, again.... all my girls are just amazing.  I had the most fun night :)  Couldn't rain on our parade!

As if I wasn't being spoiled enough, my great co-workers threw me a shower too.  Cake, beer [of course] and an afternoon of doing no work.  Who could want more than that!

Tons of last minute crafting and prep all came together by the 22nd for the most perfect wedding any couple could hope for.  Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated with us!!  And of course, thank you to my new husband.

I'll have to come up with a honeymoon post some time soon.  Stay tuned for that one.
And last but not least, well in this case, maybe the least.... September Daily Pic!

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