Monday, July 2, 2012

Daily Pic | June Edition

Here 'tis folks.  June.  Over in the blink of an eye.  Which would more accurately be the wink of an eye, singular.  
Noteworthy items:

1] 6.30.2012: Laura trades in the Satty for a 2012 black Scion tc.  This was pretty earth shattering.  Separate post to come. 

2] Saw two of the MOST amazing concerts at Terminal 5.  TuNeYaRdS and The Hives.   

TuNeYaRdS: Honestly, Meryl has some of the best pipes I've ever heard, ever.  Artists like her are what it is ALL about.  Seeing her in person surpassed my HIGH expectations.  Simply, amazing. 

The Hives: DAMN!  Haven't seen a crowd like that one since high school.  Constant crowd surfing, a decent moshpit and energy through the roof.  Despite being pretty much of a narcissist, lead singer Pelle Almquist knows showmanship.  He pulls off his self absorption like a champ!  I showed my age by wearing ear plugs this time and I was really glad I did.  T5 isn't afraid to blow the roof off the joint.  ROCK!  Opener FIDLAR kicked major butt as well. 

3] I've officially lost count of my trips to the dentist.  Oh, this wont be ending with June's close. 

4] CCP and her random shenanigans gets me through one of the toughest work weeks to date at RP.

5] I am utterly OBSESSED with Original Gourmet Wild Cherry Lollipops.  [see #3: Sigh...]  It just so happens they're sold everywhere I go most.  Michael's and Rite Aid.  (That's everywhere!)  I buy them like, 3 at a time now. 

6] Lets see, #6 for month 6.  .... Final fitting for the weddin' dress... most of the details are falling into place.  The next two months will be buuusy.  Close!!!

And last but not least... The Daily Pic

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