Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daily Pic | May Edition

Whoa!  Fastest month ever.  


Rain rain rain... followed by some more rain.  Then a little rain.

Hoping to snap out of my exercising rut with one of these SOON! 

We’ve dropped from 8 to only 6 appearances of the pashmina.  Next month I predict none. 

First trip to Ocean Grove.  Resulted in: The Laurbster.  Weirdest sunburn in random streaks. 

Already working on box #2 of 2012’s FLA-VOR-ICE.  Simultaneously working on the fudge pop version and excited to try the Soda Pop flavors soon too.  Maybe I should consider sugar free....

Had Extreme (!) recipe success with: Mexican Street Corn, Chicken Enchilada Pasta and our take on Tipsy Parson’s Mushroom Toast.

And if you're still here.... daily piczzzzzzz:

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