Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daily Pic | July

July Highlights

Well, there's a pox upon our house!  T's been sick, I did something dumb and ended up with three stitches in my ankle.  We're like Lame and Lamer.
Besides that though.... we had a good month.
- Modest Mouse @ the Wellmont
- Lots of rsvp's rolling in, which, is the most fun thing ever.
- I'm DONE at the DENTIST!  I have a whole new mouth!!!!
- Company picnic which was a blast!
- I'm one step closer to getting to specs.  I am totally looking forward to this.
- Lunches and dinners with friends new and old.
- CONE-Y 2012 is back on.  Sometimes these things just need to be handled mano e mano. 
- Developing a whole new 'lack of sleep' sched while the Olympics are on. USA USA!

And Le Grid!

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