Saturday, May 5, 2012

Taking a Bite Out of 'The Avengers'

 So, a bunch of us went to the Dinner & a Movie theater and saw The Avengers tonight.  I was happy to go, and I really like the genre, but I can't say I had super HIGH expectations.  Well, I thought it was AWESOME.  I'd forgotten how FUNNY Iron Man is.  Robert Downey's humor, Chris Hemsworth's awesome 1950's-appropriate-script, ScarJo's flexibility, yada yada yada.  The real surprise for me came from Ruffalo & The Hulk character!  TOTALLY awesome.  

Ok, I've gushed enough.  My criticisms are simple and two-fold.  One, I thought Samuel L. Jackson sounded like he was reading his lines off a cue card.  Bleh.  Felt very much like watching an "actor", very little like watching a character. 

Secondly, BAH!  Whats up with Hulk's teeth?!  He's totally baddd ass in this movie and he has this lil nubby Chiclets teeth.  I mean, the dude should have the chompers to match his personality!  See for yourself....

Remind you of anyone else? ...Like....

Hmmmm, oh well!  It was still an awesome movie.

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