Friday, May 4, 2012

Sushi Ya... Yeah YEAH!

So, ya know… as per the 'usu (yuge?…whatever)  we go to Sushi Ya last night.  No biggie.  I get the same thing as always- no biggie.  I'm sensing more and more familiarity with my girl there (meaning the 50-something lady owner/hostess/waitress/wife of sushi making master).  She's warming to us more and more.  Her stoic-sushi-serving exterior is falling away each time we come.  As always, it was a bangin meal.  The bill comes and I say thank you and that the meal was delicious.  I get a nice big grin from her and some nodding.
Pic from the web, but this is what they're like.

Cut in half for us.  Why Sushi Ya lady!!!  How NICE of you!!!!
Have you heard of these?  Mochi Ice Cream?  They're so so so good.  First bite impression is like, what is this?  Its kinda like ice cream wrapped in raw dough.  But the ice cream isn't super rich.  And neither is the dough.  And the dough tastes good.  And by like, the third bite, (which is all you get when you have 1/2 of a mochi), you want MORE!

Its unclear which flavor we were given.  They had green tea (really wanna try this), 'red bean' (?!), vanilla, strawberry... and maybe 1 or 2 others.  Plus I think they charge like, $3.50 per on these lil babes.  Do I even need to tell you what I was like as we were leaving?! 

No, I can't explain my craving for social acceptance from the Sushi Ya couple.  I don't know why I long for the day when we would go in and I could just say, "The regular" (I think 'usu [or is it "yuge"?] might get lost in translation) and my Sushi Mama would know what that is.  But I DO know we're one step closer.  

That little Mochi Ice cream spoke unsaid volumes.

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