Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cone-y 2012

Welp, Here it is.  One of the wedding crafts!  Don't think I've shared anything since the save the date.  

Part of the Cone-fetti Colony

Behold!  The Cones!  These little guys and I have become so close.  I thought it would be so cool to have cones filled with confetti for throwing after the ceremony.  The top would be a little tissue paper hat of sorts that you'd poke through (like that game in Price is Right)  and then filled with eco-fetti!

The first cone to be born

I hastily made about 80 of them over the course of a Saturday morning and some slow afternoons at work.  I even thought it would be the perfect way to incorporate chevron in a way that we probably wouldn't regret in 10 years (it wouldn't be a 2012 wedding without chevron SOMEwhere!). Anyway I digress:.. Curious why I am using past tense here????

We went for our meeting with the priest on Thursday and he put the kabosh on my cones!!!!  Can you believe it!?  No confetti, no birdseed, basically nothing that "he would end up needing to sweep from the church steps" after the ceremony.  (And to think, in our parents era people threw RICE and PENNIES of all things!  I guess priests back then were just happy to give the 87¢ to the Church).  I explained how the innocent eco-fetti worked, that it "disintegrates" (or did I say "evaporates"?) as he stared at me blankly just waiting for me to say that it takes a day or so.  Yup- a no.

I do not plan to give up my cones, so I'm reaching out to everyone in blogland to see if they've heard of some miracle to put in these dang cones!  I thought a teensy helium balloon would be SO awesome but when I told my sister she gave me a similar look as the priest.  I need something that would literally float away with the toss rather than fall to the ground.
I probably just need to give up the dream here.  I could try to somehow make a ribbon explosion or my latest hairbrain idea is to put pom poms on a yarn string inside.  I fear everyone is going to feel like a giant tool "tossing" that though (even though the pictures would probably be priceless!).

Candy was a good suggestion too, if I use the cones in a different way, which is what it might come to.

Wah, Boo to the Cone Grinch!!!

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