Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm not sure how long you have to do something before it is considered a "tradition", but I am hoping that T and I are beginning to settle into one.

For the fourth or fifth (?) time last night, we went to a nearby sushi restaurant (Sushi Ya) for dinner.  We love going out on Thursday night.  Maybe its memories of college when Thursday night marked the beginning of the weekend (le sigh...), but by the time Sunday rolls around you look back, it feels like what you did Th. night was part of the weekend. You just need to zip through work on Friday and its back to playtime. 

This place is really the BEST.  Owned by a 'mom and pop', it has full on authentic appeal.  Like our meal might actually be helping them earn a living.  I've gotten the same thing every time so far: 1/2 Udon soup and spicy crab roll.  I have no intention of switching my order any time soon.  It's SO good.  

Nabbed this from Yelp.  I haven't creepily taken their pic... YET!

We walk the mile+ [that's there and back] which will only get more enjoyable as the weather turns warmer.  And, cheesy as it is to admit, I kind of love that we are becoming "regulars"!

Plus, every time we go we get to say... 'Sushi... YA!' at least 50 times.

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