Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The 'A' in April Stands for Allergies!


Here's a quick post about some things I could absolutely not live without at this present time.
1) Allegra.  I forgot to take it last night before bed when my 24 hours from the previous dose ran out.  My body kindly reminded me at 5 AM with full out allergy mayhem of the head.

2) Tissues & my eyedrops.  See above.

3) My Adobe 'progs: AI+ PSP+ INDD= <3

4) My XMU

5) As always, QC coffee

6) My new pink h&m flats. MUST get a backup pair.

7) Micheal's and more importantly, Micheal's Weekly Coupons. 

8) My google reader

9) The nifty small gauge wire that's holding my muffler [er, entire exhaust system apparently] on until further notice.

10) Rita's Ice.  I went 3 times between Monday night and Tuesday night.  :)

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