Monday, April 9, 2012

Jammy Time & a Little Reminiscing

So this post kinda came together today.  Last night, I was poking around the interwebs before bed, when in walks my man, also ready for bed.  He looks down at himself, then at me and goes, "Oh!  Nice!".  We were both wearing one of the tee shirts I had designed for our company picnic 4 years ago at the company where we first met.  I had done two versions and we were each wearing one of them as bed time attire.  It was a fun little moment so we snapped a pic. 


Better yet was this morning when I realized I probably had the oldddd email correspondence from my then, 'work buddy', regarding said shirts from way back in '08.  I DID find the email. [Gotta read from the bottom, up.]

I didn’t include the part of the email from after the picnic when we discussed the young, awkward intern who became totally smitten with my guy that day and was following him around every minute.  He cracked me up noting her resemblance to Tony Danza circa the Taxi era.  

...And he's cracked me up every single day since.  <3

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