Saturday, February 11, 2012

Out West

Personal image.  Estes Park. I'd love to have this printed on a canvas.

I guess this post is really about pioneerism.  
Back in June, I was lucky enough to take a trip to Denver for a week.  I've spent time in every state on the east coast, but this was my first time going west.  

While I'm not a huge 'outdoorsy' type, I have a very strong sense of pioneerism.  I loved it and could not get over the absolute natural beauty.  

In high school, I visited Paris and London.  I live mere miles from New York City.  I've seen some of the most amazing art and architecture that the U.S. and Europe have to offer*, but there was just something special about the beauty found in the untouched [and 'virtually untouched'] land.  Something more inspiring, to me.  I think I felt much more present out there at 12,000 ft among pine trees and a snow covered ground, than I ever have in a museum or cathedral or city streets.  Gosh, its so true what they say about all the sounds and signage everywhere today.  Take it all away, and you will be amazed at how much more you feel and sense and remember.  Everything becomes more noticeable.  The smallest details can leave you with the most lasting impressions.

Personal image.  Rocky Mountain National Park

By going there, I feel that I've seen some of the beauty that makes our country unique.  I feel like I'm doing my patriotic part.  I cannot wait to get back out there again.  There is not enough time in this life to see all the beauty that can be found there.
Oh, and two links for you.  First, If I had to sum up the trip with one song, this would be it.  This song IS Colorado to me.  Not to mention, seeing this live would be one of most amazing 10:36 of my life! 
Deerhunter: He Would Have Laughed

Second is a poem by Walt Whitman.  This recording of it is so good, but so is reading it yourself. :)

Pioneers! O Pioneers!


*I am by no means trying to underplay the value of visiting Europe or highly cultured cities, or my experiences there.



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