Thursday, February 16, 2012


• Enjoying my morning Quick Check coffee & Nature Valley Oats n Honey bar.  How long will I continue to eat this breakfast?  There's no telling! 

Relieved that I have a haircut later.  It *currently* looks like sticks coming out of my head.

• Listening to: The Kills- Midnight BoomRock on.  Check out track 10, Alphabet Pony.  Yes.

• Looking forward to getting my livingsocial deal from  Bringin some art up in the apt for like $60!

 • Highly endorsing this product70 Hot Tamale is helping keep me from looking too much like a corpse as we coast through these NJ winter months. Do I need to point out the obvious that of course I am not getting paid by these ppl.  Ha!

Later on I will post a portion of an ongoing project.... 

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