Thursday, February 2, 2012

29 things making me happy this Leap Year.

I wanted to get this post out on 2.1.12 but, shoot.  Didn't happen.  Here it is one day late.  29 things that rock my world this Leap Year month...

• Cream of Wheat: Maple Brown Sugar.  Seriously, the best. 
• PreCana coming up: One day and one evening and we're one step closer to tying the knot.
• Get togethers with friends: A few things on tap over Feb.  Looking forward to them!
• Velentine's Day: Guaranteed happy day. 
• Chia Herb Garden: Gonna get that baby going then, fresh herbs!
• Store credit to Delia*s:  Thank god because I want some new clothes and my wallet is le empty.
• SIRIUS- Honestly, the only thing that gets me through my commute = Ch.35.
• Pinterest: Yeah been around a while now, but makes me happy on a daily basis. 
• 'Switch to the new look X': This refers to that little alert in the bottom of my gmail that means that I'm not being forced to convert to the awful redesign yet!!
• A brand new Wii. 
• Quick Checks Raspberry Cookie Crumble coffee
• Fresh flowers from my sister-in-law
• My space heater for my cubicle: There are no words.
• Continued Slow Cooker success
• Low lighting at work.  :o]
• Renting CD's and DVD's from the library for FREE.
• Oats n Honey Nature Valley Bars
• Going out with my man on a Wednesday night to break up the week. 
• My awesome calendar art this month.  Bright.  Cheerful.
• Having a Michaels so close to work.  Perfect lunch break jaunt.
• Those random [read: seldom!] but perfect car rides where every car gets out of my way
• Thinking about our honeymoon and [probably] seeing the Grand Canyon. 
• Laughing my butt off at an :18s youtube clip from the muppets
• Taking a walk on my lunch hour in temps over 55 degrees
• My amazing 27" mac @ work.  My most prized possession that isn't technically "mine". 
• Home made tortilla chips
• Adobe Suite. Seriously- an overdue thank you.
• Candles that make the whole house smell good.
• The best family & friends anyone could have.

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