Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Daily Pic | August Edition

Hey!  I'm a few days behind, I know.  Summer is moving in some kind of reverse order.  It's been hotter & more humid these last few days than the bulk of summer...but, its pretty much dark out by 7:30 now, and so we know.... fall's here.

August was a whirlwind month full of birthdays, get-togethers and weddings.  We had the pleasure of hitting up double-decker wedding celebrations at the Madison Hotel.  The first of which, a great friend from way back and her awesome hubs and the 2nd- same place- two weeks later, my sister :)  I can't even say with words how much fun I had.  As always, she was gorgeous... and it was just a rip roarin good time.

My little niece turned one, and is more precious than ever.  I love her to bits.  

The house is good... got the roof done.  One of those anti-climactic jobs that needed to be done.  Finished revamping the dining set (finally), painting the bannister, and even acquired a coffee table! Hoping we can do some more work to the landscaping before the weather turns cold ... a girl can hope.... 

Spent the month listening to, of course, Future Islands, and the new 'Spoon' album was awesome as well. And I guess my recipe of the month would be this one.  Just ask T- he obliged me by eating it 3 nights in a row. 

If I had to sum August up in one stand-out thing though, it would be long nightly walks.  It was such a great month for walking- perfect temps, new neighborhoods to investigate, a new bird discovery, and... just great conversations :)

Here's the grid you've all been waiting for! (ha) Peace August.  You were cooool....

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