Friday, February 28, 2014

Daily Pic | February Edition

Can it be true? Are we saying goodbye to this stuuuupid month?!
I have so, so, SO much to be grateful for.... the best family, friends and hubby ANYONE can ask for.  I've had a warm, toasty roof over my head, projects to keep me busy and lots of good food for my belly.  But, I just gotta say, while I am so very appreciative of the positives, this month SUCKED!

Between this utterly ridiculous winter season, extreme frustrations at the 9-5 and seemingly endless house hunting disappointments, I have NEVER been more ready to turn the calender page.

FYI.... this will be my last month of pics from this location.  Next month: My daily pics featured from within, a fishbowl!!!

1 comment:

Bob R said...

Good Riddance to February!!