Thursday, October 31, 2013

Daily Pic | October Edition

Hallo! (ween) everyone.
Time to wrap up 'Tobes.  It was a good and busy month full of birthdays and freelance.  My biggest highlight was probably meeting all of my idols from 'Chopped' when T gifted me the amazing experience of attending Absolut's Bloody Mary Brunch. The judges from Chopped were all in attendance and I drank amazing bloodies and met all my fave people!  Woot!!

I'm also grateful for the many fun b-day/Halloween drinks/parties.  Fun with a capital FUN.  

Normally this is the part where I say what I've been listening to this month, but I'm actually already gearing up my 'Best Of 2013' list so I'm almost tempted to reserve this.  All I will say is: Go listen to Reflektor.

Suuuper excited for a very special wedding tomorrow.  The lovely Kristina will be getting married.  Feels like I've been waiting forever for this occasion and its here!!

Annnd, that is all.  bye.

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