Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Daily Pic | August Edition

August was one heck of a great month.  It was basically packed with summery good-ness.
We had our awesome monthly date down the shore at Long Branch's best-rest 'Sirena'… and then went back to the beach again for an awesome beach bbq day at Island Beach state park with my sis and her peeps.  SO much fun.

T & I hosted a three-way birthday party for my dad, sister-in-law and my sister's man where we played with stupid tricks-n-gags from Archie McPhee and where we served sweet and savory grilled cheese and I adapted this recipe into meatballs. Both were insanely delicious.

Speaking of my sister and her man, they got engaged!  A Mere-gagement!  Woohoo!  So much family awesomeness this month..... then, theres the lil addition who I can't really talk about here but… its honest to goodness true love.

Besides that,  SEEING MY ORIOLE... (which I had totally given up on since he went away at end of June), and a trip up to Portland Maine were the next tier of big highlights.  

We had an awesome time in Maine: saw a black guillemot, sunrise over the Atlantic, ate delicious fresh seafood, a sunset sail, and a whole lotta walkin.  :)

It was a really good month for music too:  Magical Cloudz | Pure Bathing Culture | Blackbird Blackbird | Washed Out | ... maybe more!  Oh, and this AWESOME song (don't usually love this band but, wow)  with one of the most amazing music videos of all time: 

Gridzeepoo: I actually forgot a couple days early in the month (sacreblueu!) and then I was in Maine for the end... so, a few fewer than normal....

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