Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daily Pic | July Edition

Well this was one heck of a jam-packed month!  And a good one indeed.  

Highlights: Hit up the Meadowlands Fair.  I enjoyed amazing fireworks and a totally inappropriate ice pop on the 4th, and we had a blast at Dee's wedding; all within 4 days time. 

I met with some very cool people to talk design and made some cute wrappers and an awesome over sized baby banner.  (Check em out here!)  

My sis and I and our men hit up Brother Jimmy's in New Brunswick.  It was amazing.  After the Rodman picnic, I'm very surprised Tom and I drank out of a fishbowl (ever) again but this time it's effects were less severe.  :)  And this one came with a rubber alligator!

Speaking of sisters, (or sister-in-law in this case)…. We attended a lovely shower for my little niece on the way.  It was a really great day, and we can't wait.  I made these owl paintings for the nursery (and an owl room humidifier from the registry).  I'm going to be an auntie so soon!!!!

... Survived the hottest heat wave everrr.  Saw the beach (Ocean Grove doesn't open till 12:30 on Sunday- whaaa!?).  Went to an awesome restaurant in Montclair with awesome people and had an awesome night.  Check it out if you're over there, its called Uncle Moustache (seriously!)  Spent a day in Cranberry Lake paradise with awesome peeps.  (just noticing, no concerts this month- weird!)

TUNAGE | New Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero's (SO good.  Lots of 60/70's influence- Joe Cocker, Beatles, Johnny Cash, etc.), Deerhunter, The Bright Light Social Hour (where have on BEEN on these guys?!)

NOM-AGE | Lettuce Wraps, Tofu Tacos, grilling veggies, homemade ice-pops! These oreo ones were redic. (I used milk instead of cream.)  Same for the green tea. And, made these last night (yet to try).  Except I broke off a quarter of a graham cracker and just stuck it in the mold, cuz I'm crazy like that... 

And now, since I am all tuckered out from linking things here, 

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