Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daily Pic | Feb. Edition

One year ago, we had a St.Patti's day party @ work and I decided to mark the occasion by posing for apple's program Photo Booth with my margarita glass.  Now, you may be thinking two things.  Where is this going and what do margaritas have to do with St.Patti's?  I can't answer the 2nd part of that other than my company just loves booze.  The 1st part: Well, it became a fun thing and I decided to do it daily.  So, even though I've never shared one before, behold!  Feb.2012's daily pix.

While this seems like one of the more self-absorbed things a human can do, photo-diaries are actually pretty fun ;)

Oh and use this link to make the mosaic.  I make one at the end of each month.  You just have to sign up but the program is free.  Tedious, but free!

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