Thursday, January 5, 2012

Save the Dates

Hello All, 
So today I am going to share some of the fruits of my labor.  I am happy to say I am enfianced to a truly wonderful man and we are planning our wedding.  

I've been working on the design for the invitation suite for a little while and the save-the-dates dropped just over the holidays. 

I ordered the 5" x 5" kraft envelopes from an amazon shop and was pretty stoked when they sent a double order for the price of one.  Ooops.  :)

I ordered a custom return address rubber stamper that I designed, from this awesome company: Simon Stamp Shop.  Seriously, they turned the whole thing around in under 72 hours.  I give them 5 stars.  A white stamper pad from Michael's, and done.  [Note: The stamp isn't pictured since I placed it on the center of the envelope flap.]

Dolphin Stamps = Total Meh!

Michael's also provided me with the paper for the envelope liners (this made a huge difference in the overall quality), and it invites themselves.  I found the only decent paper was in the scrapbook section, sold in 12"x12" size and on sale for 25¢ a slice.  Oh yeah, and simple white milky pens for addressing, which didn’t take as long as I expected!

After all that, and some assembly line printing, tearing, stuffing and sealing, they were outta here!  

Le Fini!

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